Celebrate the 101st Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China | Duolun Technology Party Branch was Awarded the Title of “Four-star Party Organization”-多伦科技
Celebrate the 101st Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China | Duolun Technology Party Branch was Awarded the Title of “Four-star Party Organization”

Recently, the CPC Working Committee of Jiangning High-tech Zone in Nanjing announced to grant Duolun Technology Party Branch the “Four-star Party Organization” award for 2021-2022.


Ruan Wei, Party branch secretary of Duolun Technology, received the award on behalf of the company

Since its foundation in 2008, Duolun Technology Party branch has stuck to the faith of “Party leadership in enterprises” and focused on building the Party’s grassroots organizations. Party construction was integrated into the production and operation, enterprise management, cultural construction and other activities of the company. A wide variety of activities were carried out in order to achieve this goal, including building a Party construction base for intelligent IoV (Internet of Vehicles), establishing a Party organization jointly with Jinling Institute of Technology, carrying out charity campaigns with the “Hongxinnong Sheqiyin” Party Building Alliance, visiting a series of museums in revolutionary base areas (e.g., the Railway Brigades Memorial, the Nanhu Revolutionary Memorial Hall, the Memorial Hall of Huaihai Campaign), and building a distinctive Party building brand with “traffic safety” at the core.



Jinling Institute of Technology’s ceremony of “Joint Party Construction


Activity of learning the Partys history on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC



Railway Brigades Memorial



Nanhu Revolutionary Memorial Hall



2022 “Hongxinnong Sheqiyin” Charity Event

At the same time, the company’s Party branch stepped up efforts to enhance the level of grassroots Party organization by organizing Party members to study on the app “Xue Xi Qiang Guo”. Its three-star Party branch played an exemplary role in leading the company’s Party members to forge ahead, creating a favorable atmosphere of contending for the best.

By the chance of upgrading from a three-star Party branch to a four-star Party branch, Duolun Technology Party branch, in addition to cherishing the honor, further strengthened its standardized construction and continued to play an exemplary role.

In the future, Duolun Technology Party branch will make efforts to comprehensively improve its organizational strength and cohesive force, constantly strengthen its political functions and play a battlewagon role by launching campaigns to stimulate the enthusiasm of Party members and improve their performance. In doing so, it aims to assume greater responsibilities of educating, administering and supervising Party members, and organizing, advertising to and condensing the masses, thus making greater contributions to the company’s development.

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