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Support Jiangning District, Nanjing City to Build a Happy Travel System—2020 Summary of Duolun Technology’s Signal Control Business

In 2020, focusing on the four goals of “creating a happy living space, happy and quality services, a happy living environment, and a happy travel system”, Jiangning District has worked to build itself a “new city” where life is happier, services are better, environment is safer, and traffic is smoother.

In last year, Jiangning Public Security Sub-bureau carried out traffic management work with “enhancing the happiness and satisfaction of people” an intent and a purpose. It has listened to the people’s feedback, solved their problems and concentrated on the address of “Urban Problem”. Duolun Technology has provided technological assistance to Jiangning Public Security Sub-bureau to tap into road resources, plan the transportation and accumulate efforts to improve the transportation in congested roads. Duolun technology has set off a new “traffic reform” to address traffic congestion.




Intelligent Signal Control

Improvement of the Single-signalized Intersections

In order to ascertain the traffic congestion points and pain points and accelerate the improvement of the road accessibility so as to provide a smoother traffic for the public. Duolun Technology cooperated with the Traffic Police Brigade of Jiangning District to complete the optimization of the multi-period timing plans at the signalized intersections in the district. 1,056 intersections in the district have been rectified and the multi-period work has basically been completed.

At the same time, Duolun Technology has completed the optimization project of the signal control for more than 60 congested intersections (Huaipu Road-Qianhe Road, Qing Shui Ting-Yinhua Street, Qing Shui Ting-Jiyin Avenue, Hushan-Ke Yuan, etc.) of the district in 2020 by means of field surveys, video statistics of traffic flow etc., and the real situation of these intersections. It greatly improved the capacity of the congested intersections and reduced the delays motors.

The Traffic Flow of the Intersections

Use Webster to Calculate the Optimal Timing Plans of the Intersections




Contrast of the Vehicle Queuing at Huaipu Road-Qianhe Road: Before and After the Optimization 




Contrast of the Vehicle Queuing at Qing Shui Ting-Yinhua Street: Before and After the Optimization 



Improve the Efficiency of Arteries by Green Wave Control

In 2020, Traffic Police Brigade of Jiangning District with the help of Duolun Technology, completed the construction of green waves in the district and there are 347 intersections related green wave control in the district now. The green wave control has been applied to four key roads (the unidirectional green waves in the eight intersections of Middle Tianyuan Road, the bidirectional green waves in the eight intersections of Shuanglong Avenue at night, the unidirectional green waves in the seven intersections of Hongjing Avenue and the bidirectional green waves in the five intersections of southern Jiangjun Avenue).

After the optimization, the travel time from north to south of Jiangjun Avenue is reduced from 318 seconds to 142 seconds and the travel time from south to north is reduced from 210 seconds to 134 seconds, which greatly improves the travel of residents.


The Comparison Chart of Travel Time at Jiangjun Avenue after the Optimization of Green Waves



Deep Optimization: Promote the Adaptive Control Intersections


To enhance the intelligence of the signalized intersections, Duolun Technology and Traffic Police Brigade of Jiangning District promoted the adaptive control intersections. It is projected to implement the adaptive control in main roads such as Tianyuan West Road, Shuanglong Avenue, Jiyin Avenue, Hongjing Avenue, Xiaolongwan Road and Wenjing Road. Now, parts of the Jiyin Avenue and Xiaolongwan Road have applied the adaptive control.

The effect of the optimization is significant. After optimization, the left turn lane of the intersection of Xiaolongwan Road-Yangjiawei Road has witnessed a reduction of traffic saturation from 1.33 to 0.67 and the overall saturation of the intersection has been down to 0.77; The total time of going through the bidirectional straight lanes of Xiaolongwan Road-Zhuxin Road to Xiaolongwan Road-Yangjiawei Road has been reduced from the previous 242 seconds to 160 seconds.

The optimization started from the small congested spots. Thanks to the rectification of these the small congested spots, the traffic congestion here has been greatly relieved and people have enjoyed more happiness.



Traffic Guidance at the Adaptive Control Roads




Relieve and Address Traffic Congestion: Optimize the Signal Control in Key Areas

At the same time, the “Jinsheng-BianAn Street Reversible lane + tidal flow” and the “Timed Unidirectional Tidal Flow During the School Run of High School Affiliated To Nanjing Normal University” were created to smooth the traffic. The traffic flow of the intersections nearby was also supervised to redesign a signal control project, guaranteeing the roads are clear.

The traffic near Jinsheng Road is in order and clear after the application of the Jinsheng-BianAn Street Reversible lane. The average speed of vehicles has increased by 32% and the time of passing the intersection has reduced from 12 minutes to 5 minutes. The overall traffic efficiency of Jinsheng Road has increased by 36.5%, bearing a part of road networks’ traffic burden to suburb directions.

After the Timed Unidirectional Tidal Flow During the School Run of High School Affiliated To Nanjing Normal University was put into use, the 100-meter distance from the Northeast gate to Southeast gate used to take 20 minutes but now it only takes 2 minutes. The effect of relieving congestion is obvious.



The First Intelligent Reversible Tidal Flow in Nanjing



The First Tidal Flow for School Run in Nanjing



Operation and Maintenance: Duolun Technology Supports the Technological Traffic Management

At the beginning of 2020, Traffic Police Brigade of Jiangning Public Security Sub-bureau joined hands with Duolun Technology to establish the “Traffic System Optimization Office”, which has kept carrying out work related to traffic system optimization for the road characteristics of Jiangning District. At the same time, the resident engineers of Duolun Technology have also participated in the discussion and implementation of the brigade’s signal control optimization, traffic system optimization, congestion improvement and other programs. They also timely responded to the “12345” complaints involving green wave control intersections.



Monthly Traffic Performance Index in 2019 and 2020




In 2020, under the guidance of the government, with the joint efforts of Jiangning Public Security Sub-bureau and other units, the monthly Traffic Performance Index has dropped from 2.0 in 2019 to 1.6 in 2020.

In the future, Duolun Technology will utilize technologies of “intelligent transportation” to support Jiangning Public Security Sub-bureau to promote the social influence of technological traffic management, enhance the fame of the traffic in Jiangning District and set new standards for traffic management in Jiangning District.

Duolun Technology will work hard to give citizens a happier life, a more stable urban traffic system. Meanwhile, Duolun Technology will continue to fulfill its mission of “making the traffic clearer and safer”.

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