[Official Announcement] Duolun Technology Officially Enters the Field of Vehicle Inspection and Operation Management-多伦科技
[Official Announcement] Duolun Technology Officially Enters the Field of Vehicle Inspection and Operation Management

On December 15, 2019, the signing and unveiling ceremony between Duolun Vehicle Inspection, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Duolun Technology, and Shandong Zhengbo Trading was successfully held at the Nanjing headquarters of Duolun Technology. The two parties jointly established the "Shandong Duolun Vehicle Inspection Co., Ltd.". This is a milestone after Duolun Technology's increasing capital to its wholly-owned subsidiary "Jiangsu Duolun Vehicle Inspection Industry Holding Co., Ltd.", which marks Duolun Technology's formal entry into the field of vehicle inspection and operation management.

At the same time, the six inspection stations held by Shandong Zhengbo Trading acquired by Duolun Vehicle Inspection will serve as the vanguard of Duolun Technology's layout in the vehicle inspection industry. They will be released with brand new visual effects and will be tested by the market and users, which opens a new chapter of smart, technological, and service-oriented vehicle inspection!



Leaders Were Visiting Duolun Technology’s Exhibition Halls



Standardized Visual Presentation of Duolun Vehicle Inspection

Yin Zuoyi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Acting District Mayor of Xuecheng District of Zaozhuang City, Xie Gang, member of the Party Committee and Office Director of Xuecheng District Government, Cao Zhaocheng, Director of Xuecheng District Industrial and Information Technology Bureau, Song Bo, Director of Xuecheng District Natural Resources Bureau, Chu Hui, Director of Xuecheng District Commerce and Investment Promotion Bureau, Liu Xibin, Director of Xuecheng District Local Financial Supervision and Administration, Zheng Jian, Chairman of Shandong Zhengbo Trading, and Zhang Anqiang, Chairman of Duolun Technology attended the signing ceremony.


Speeches and Signing

At the signing ceremony, Zheng Jian, Chairman of Shandong Zhengbo Trading, expressed his confidence and expectation for future cooperation. Zhengbo Trading and Duolun Technology will integrate resources, empower technologies, and focus on building the "Shandong Duolun Vehicle Inspection Co., Ltd." into a new vehicle inspection management company dedicated to "technology + service", which will comprehensively improve the scientific and technological standards and service levels of the vehicle inspection industry in Shandong Province.

Zhang Anqiang, Chairman of Duolun Technology also said that the signing and unveiling was a historic milestone event for Duolun Technology in its layout of the vehicle inspection industry. In the future, we will see this as a starting point to build a new vehicle inspection agency. Around the industry, market, and user needs, we will provide standardized services with standardized management systems. Our company will focus on its positioning, release its key strength, deploy advantageous resources to complement each other, and inject new momentum into the transformation and upgrading of the vehicle inspection industry.


Signing Ceremony



Unveiling Ceremony

Zhang Anqiang and Yin Zuoyi jointly unveiled the "Shandong Duolun Vehicle Inspection Co., Ltd.". With the high support of the government and the concerted efforts of both parties, this emerging business of Duolun Technology will surely achieve considerable development and new leaps.


Yin Zuoyi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Xuecheng District

Finally, on behalf of the Xuecheng District Party Committee and Xuecheng District People’s Government, Yin Zuoyi expressed his warm congratulations to the successful cooperation between the two parties. The District Party Committee and the district government will continue to support enterprise development and their good development environment. He hoped that "Shandong Duolun Vehicle Inspection Co., Ltd." can base itself in Xuecheng, radiate the surrounding area, integrate the province's vehicle inspection resources, promote the industrial development of Xuecheng's vehicle inspection industry, drive regional economic development, and accelerate the transformation of new and old momentum to achieve high-quality development.


“Luban Lock” Presented by Xuecheng District Government to Duolun Technology

After the event, Xuecheng District Government presented Duolun Technology a “Luban Lock” which symbolizes a special meaning. Zaozhuang is the hometown of the craftsman Luban. The “Luban lock” looks simple but is highly wisdom-condensed, which can be completely supported by the connections of its own structure. It also symbolizes the artisan spirit of Duolun Technology, which is being focused on the transportation field of "people, vehicles and roads" for more than 20 years, and continuing to innovate. It is hoped that both parties will condense and sublimate this kind of spirit, and jointly make "Shandong Duolun Vehicle Inspection Co., Ltd." stronger.

In the future, the two parties will use Duolun Technology’s industrial resources as support, and with the help of Zhengbo Trading’s high-quality resources and rich experience in its industry, create an innovation-type vehicle inspection agency, accelerate the industrialization of the vehicle inspection business, and lead and support the high-quality development of the vehicle inspection industry and its extended areas. Duolun Technology will also comprehensively promote the development of vehicle inspection business in 2020.


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