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Duolun Technology Won National Intellectual Property Management System Certificate

Introduction: Intellectual property rights are the cornerstone and strategic resource of enterprise innovation and development. Perseveringly implementing intellectual property standards, working tirelessly to effectively implement the intellectual property management work, and continuing to standardize and improve enterprises’ technological innovation and intellectual property management system will surely enhance the core competitiveness of them, and further strengthen the foundation of their intellectual property strategy, which will promote the development of the entire industry.

On December 21, 2019, Duolun Technology obtained the National Intellectual Property Management System Certificate (Certificate No.: 181191P6194R0M) issued by Zhonggui (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd., which marks that our company's intellectual property management runs through all links of production, procurement, R&D, sales, and investment. At the same time, the creation, application, management, and protection of intellectual properties are moving towards scientization, normalization and standardization.


Q: What is the implementation of intellectual property standards?

A: The implementation of intellectual property standards refers to enterprises’ implementation of the Enterprise Intellectual Property Management (GB/T29490-2013). It is a national standard that provides a process-based management model of enterprises’ intellectual property rights to guide enterprises to scheme, implement, inspect, and improve their intellectual property management systems. It aims to help enterprises establish a scientific and standard intellectual property management system that runs through all links of production and operation, so as to realize the acquisition, maintenance, use and protection of intellectual property rights, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and ensure the sustainable development of them.


Q: What work has Duolun Technology done in innovation and management of intellectual property rights?

A: Duolun Technology has been committed to the construction of intellectual property innovation and its standardization systems, and has established and is continuously improving the mechanisms for the applications, management, awards, and litigation of intellectual property rights. We possess the ability of the creation, application, management, and protection of intellectual property rights, and can realize the scientific management and strategic use of them. Our company currently has 101 authorized patents, 148 software copyrights, 34 registered trademarks and several technical secrets.


In addition, through the implementation of intellectual property regulations, our company actively enhances the awareness and initiative of all employees in technological innovation, risk prevention, intellectual property rights protection, strengthens independent innovation capabilities, accelerates the output and transformation of intellectual property rights, and improves the market competitiveness of our products and technologies, which provides high-tech and high value-added products and services for customers in the fields such as driving safety, smart transportation, and smart car inspection.



Q: What achievements has Duolun Technology achieved in the system construction?

A: Up to now, Duolun Technology has accumulatively obtained 7 system certifications of quality management system, environmental management system, occupational health and safety system, IT service management system, information security management system, integration of informationization and industrialization management system, and intellectual property management system. In addition, our company also has two authoritative certifications, namely, the ITSS Level 2 of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and CMMI Level 3 of US Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute. All of these demonstrate the soundness and normative execution of our management systems and our outstanding results in the management of corporate standardization systems, which makes us highly recognized by authoritative certification bodies.


In the future, we will continue to improve our corporate management systems, promote high-quality development of our company with the excellent performance management model of national standard GB/T19580, and provide a solid foundation and safeguard for the transformation of "technology + service".


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