Intelligent driver training won likes! DoDo Cockpit Made a Debut at the First Nanjing Forum for Popular Science Industry Development-多伦科技
Intelligent driver training won likes! DoDo Cockpit Made a Debut at the First Nanjing Forum for Popular Science Industry Development

The First Nanjing Forum for Popular Science Industry Development kicked off on May 19. As one of the technology businesses in Nanjing, Duolun Technology made a debut at the forum with its self-developed knock-out product of intelligent driver training — DoDo Cockpit, and discussed with experts and scholars the plans for development of popular science industry.


According to reports, as one of the series of activities of 2022 National Science and Technology Week, this event was hosted by Nanjing Association for Science and Technology and Nanjing Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, supported by Jiangsu Science Communication Center, sponsored by Jiangning Association for Science and Technology, Jiangning Science and Technology Bureau and the Management Committee of Jiangning High-tech Zone and co-sponsored by Jiangning Alliance of Scientists and Technicians. Participants included Xia Jun, deputy secretary-general of Jiangsu Association for Science and Technology and director of Jiangsu Provincial Science Communication Center, Zhu Jun, Party secretary and chairman of Nanjing Association for Science and Technology and other leaders and guests, persons in charge of relevant departments in various districts as well as more than 100 citizens.



Start of the First Nanjing Forum for Popular Science Industry Development 



DoDo Cockpit Made a Debut at the Popular Science Exhibition


Technological Innovation, Gathering & Sharing



The event aims to build a platform of exhibition, exchange, discussion and cooperation of popular science industry by combining “meeting, exhibition, business and competition” and prompt the gathering and sharing of popular science resources and the concerted development of popular science career and industry. The event was broadcast on more than 10 platforms including Xinhua News Agency, Baidu, Bilibili, and SUKEJIAYUAN official account, and over 800,000 audiences watched online. 



Experience immersive driving on the site 


Intelligent driver training, industrial upgrading



The “DoDo Cockpit” on display this time not only provided teaching contents such as basic and field driving, road driving, safe and civilized driving but also created the new model of “Internet plus intelligent driver training” through new digital technologies including AI and 3D virtual simulation. Meantime, at the exchange of cloud businesses during the exhibition, Dr. Ye Jian, head of the Intellectual Property Department, introduced the technical highlights and innovative applications of “DoDo Cockpit” across the board, which received the attention of the guests.




The AI teaching system of Duolun Technology based on the whole life cycle of driver training service scenarios has been recognized by the industry and the public along the way and has been reported by a number of domestic media outlets including Nanjing Daily, and JiangXi Morning Post. Besides, it has been included in the List of National AI Excellent Products and Application Solutions and the Catalogue of New Technologies and New Products mainly Promoted and Applied in Jiangsu Province and has won Nanjing Excellent Patent Award.

Road traffic safety, popular science publicity

Duolun Technology, as a leading technology-driven enterprise of “digital solutions plus life services” in China centering on traffic safety, has the intelligent transportation popular science education base of Jiangsu Provincial Comprehensive Transportation Society and Nanjing demonstration base for popular science education to engage in the work of public, nonprofit, cultural and scientific popular science education. Meantime, it has taken on the work of road traffic safety education bases in more than 20 cities like Nanjing, Wuhan and Mianyang. 




Additionally, Duolun Technology's popular science course on traffic safety experience has been on a nationwide tour since 2017. In just five years, it has reached nearly 40 primary schools across the country, delivering transportation safety classes to around 20,000 primary and secondary school students.




In the future, Duolun Technology will continue to advance “smart transformation” in industry by utilizing high-tech products plus complete solutions focusing on traffic safety to boost the transformation and upgrading of the industry, standardize the orderly development of the industry and build the “big transportation” ecosystem of green, intelligent and sustainable development. 

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