"Gathering in Nanjing" Warmth Action | CPC Branch of Duolun Technology has partnered with the CPC Construction Alliance of "Red Heart Agriculture·Society, Enterprises, and Banks" to support the fight -多伦科技
"Gathering in Nanjing" Warmth Action | CPC Branch of Duolun Technology has partnered with the CPC Construction Alliance of "Red Heart Agriculture·Society, Enterprises, and Banks" to support the fight

In the crucial battle against the pandemic, village (community) workers and volunteers have adhered to fighting at the front line of pandemic prevention and control, so as to build up a solid defense against the pandemic with responsibilities, and cohere as an impregnable stronghold.




Recently, the CPC Branch of Duolun Technology has joined hands with members of the CPC Construction Alliance of "Red Heart Agriculture · Society, Enterprises, and Banks" to give full play to the pioneering role and stronghold function, and earnestly fulfill corporate social responsibilities, by means of doing practical things and conveying warmth in the countryside.



The CPC Construction Alliance of "Red Heart Agriculture · Society, Enterprises, and Banks" is a CPC construction consortium initiated by Nanjing Supply and Marketing Group and jointly established by CPC organizations of private, state-owned and foreign-funded enterprises and banks. In accordance with the principle of "Joint Construction of Organizations, Ideas and Solutions to Problems", it formulates a list of "Practical Things Done in the Interests of the Masses" in conjunction with the leaders in charge, and consciously organizes relevant work affairs in the overall situation when serving "Agriculture, Countryside, Farmers", education, national defense, community and service-oriented manufacturing enterprises, so as to promote the transformation of study achievements into work practice.




On April 15, at the opening of the 4th leg of "Red Heart Agriculture · Society, Enterprises, and Banks" and "Gathering in Nanjing" Warmth Action, Duolun Technology cooperated with Nanjing Pepsi-Cola Beverage Co., Ltd., Nanjing Weigang Dairy Co., Ltd. and other alliance members, successively entering Dongwang, Shuangdun and Shipo Communities in Luhe District of Nanjing and delivering wash bags, milk and drinks to CPC members, cadres and volunteers who continuously fought on the front line. They expressed sincere care and greetings to warm the hearts of front-line anti-pandemic workers.





Ruan Wei, Secretary of the CPC Branch of Duolun Technology, remarked “The responsibility of fighting against COVID-19 should not be merely undertaken by just one person or one enterprise. On the contrary, it is the whole society that should unite as one to fight and prevent the pandemic. As a non-public enterprise’s CPC organization, Duolun Technology has always committed to making contributions to COVID-19 prevention and control, as much as we could afford.” 

In the future, with the fuel of platform advantages brought by CPC Construction Alliance, the CPC Branch of Duolun Technology will conduct practical activities themed around “2 Focuses & 4 Assistance”. Besides, in order that the implementation of CPC’s Mass Line in the new era can be well integrated with the normalization and long-acting of CPC History Learning and Education, various means will be adopted, such as putting emphasis on pandemic prevention and control as well as offering care and support for frontline workers, so as to achieve rapid and timely action, efficient and effective work, as well as warm and people-oriented service.

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