New achievements of “technology + service”! Duolun Technology was selected as the Pilot Unit for Deep Integration of Advanced Manufacturing Industry and Modern Service Industry-多伦科技
New achievements of “technology + service”! Duolun Technology was selected as the Pilot Unit for Deep Integration of Advanced Manufacturing Industry and Modern Service Industry

Recently, Duolun Technology was successfully included in the second batch of Pilot Units for Deep Integration of Advanced Manufacturing Industry and Modern Service Industry announced by Jiangsu Development & Reform Commission, by virtue of its pilot scheme with the theme of “intelligent transportation integration solution of human-vehicle-road-cloud collaboration”.




Benchmark the in-depth integration results of the two industries

Promote high-quality development with strength


The dual-industry integration is recognized to be a vital tool to enhance the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry and cultivate a modern industrial system for high-quality development in line with new reforms in technology and industry. Through this pilot program, Jiangsu Province expects to cultivate and form a group of “dual-industry” deeply integrated development enterprises integrating the functions of “intelligent manufacturing + value-added services”, and create a number of advantageous industrial chains, new industrial clusters, integration demonstration carriers and industrial ecosystems with the deep integration of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry.

After the declaration, review and recommendation of districts and cities, formal review, expert review, credit vetting, special meeting review and other links, 123 excellent enterprises including Duolun Technology, Nanjing Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd, and Simcere Pharmaceutical Group Limited(Nanjing) were selected into the second batch of Pilot Units for Deep Integration of Advanced Manufacturing Industry and Modern Service Industry in Jiangsu Province. Becoming a pilot unit is a new achievement of the company’s transformation from a technology company to a “technology + service” company, and also a powerful embodiment of high-quality development to a new level.





Joint force of human-vehicle-road ecological platform

Industrial development driven by technology + service

Duolun Technology, a leading “digital solution + life service” technology company with traffic safety as the core in China, is committed to delivering leading digital products and solutions for customers in the transportation industry and providing consumers with traffic safety services, including driver training and motor vehicle detection. Its business covers more than 30 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) in China.

In 2021, Duolun Technology made progress in four major fields simultaneously. In the field of smart vehicle administration, new products such as smart motorcycle test systems have gradually increased in volume, and the digital vehicle management business has opened up new space for growth. In intelligent driver training, the company has led the digital transformation of the driver training industry and the transformation of intelligent driver training services has gradually achieved remarkable results. In the field of smart traffic, it has seized the opportunity of upgrading the smart traffic industry and accelerated the layout of intelligent and connected network services. In the field of intelligent vehicle inspection, the vehicle inspection service has developed rapidly, and the operation and management ability has been continuously strengthened.

Over the years, Duolun Technology has responded to market changes with an efficient and stable image, an open attitude and an innovative spirit, and is moving towards specialization, branding and diversification. In recent years, Duolun Technology has continued to explore the growth potential of the large transportation industry to drive the regional economy and promote the innovative integration of the manufacturing industry and service industry.


In recent years, with rich market resources, excellent market operation ability and professional and standardized services, Duolun Technology has made continuous efforts in smart vehicle administration, smart traffic, intelligent driver training and intelligent vehicle inspection business, and continuously accelerated the pace of national layout, diversified development and industrial chain extension.


Duolun Technology will step up its efforts and continue to increase investment in intelligent manufacturing and science & technology services, strive to improve the core competitiveness, and explore the deep integration of manufacturing industry and service industry, so as to realize the new situation of transformation, upgrading and integrated development, and give better play to the supporting and leading role of the manufacturing service industry.

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