Duolun Technology Obtains Two Core Patents for Invention in Smart Vehicle Administration Field, Leading the Intelligent Judgment in Test III-多伦科技
Duolun Technology Obtains Two Core Patents for Invention in Smart Vehicle Administration Field, Leading the Intelligent Judgment in Test III

Recently, Duolun Technology has successively obtained two certificates of patents for invention issued by the China National Intellectual Property Administration: A Method for Identification of Safety Officer Behavior in the Test III Car (hereinafter referred to as “A Method for Identification of Behavior”) and A System and Method for Monitoring of Safety Officer Behavior in the Test Car (hereinafter referred to as “A System and Method for Monitoring”).

These two patents are mainly used in research & development and innovation of automatic judge in Test III, which represents an important step forward in Duolun’s exploration of intelligent driver test field.




“A Method for Identification of Behavior”: Certificate No.: No.4730863 and Patent No.: ZL 2019 1 0864309.8; “A System and Method for Monitoring”: Certificate No.: No.4714972 and Patent No.: ZL 2019 1 0476491.X.

“A Method for Identification of Behavior” shows a method for identification of safety officer behavior in the Test III car. Upon acquired in real time, the initial position data of camera, image data of safety officer in co-pilots seat, audio data of the car and brake state data of co-pilots seat can be analyzed to determine whether the safety officer has suspected cheating behavior, and then, the video data for a period of time before and after this suspected behavior can be locked and later sent to the test supervision platform along with judgment result.




A System and Method for Monitoring shows a system and method for monitoring of safety officer behavior in a test car. The system consists of the processing unit and the data acquisition unit. The data acquisition unit involves image capture device, audio acquisition device and brake state acquisition device, while the processing unit can analyze and process the data from these three devices respectively, and then judge whether the safety officer has cheating behavior based on processing results.




With two patents being used collaboratively, the problem of failing to monitoring cheating behavior of safety officer in the car of Test III can be solved, and this has been widely used in the smart device based on environmental perception independently researched and developed by Duolun Technology.



As a leader of smart vehicle administration, Duolun Technology has long led the product research & development and industrial application of business of intelligent driver’s test. The automatic judge test system in Test II not only plays an important role in the intelligent driving test, but also makes Duolun Technology become the leader in the field of intelligent driving test in China. While the intelligent judgment in Test III is not only the key to realize automatic judge of all-subject test, but also lays a leading position of Duolun Technology in intelligent driver’s test.

In the future, Duolun Technology will continue to work hard to maintain technological leadership, and facilitate the continuous steady development of the companys businesses under industrialization of technical innovation.

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