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Four-party Strategic Cooperation Agreement! Duolun Technology focuses on two areas of cooperation!

Recently, a Four-party Strategic Cooperation Agreement was signed by and among Duolun Technology, QI-ANXIN Technology Group Inc., CEC Internet of Vehicles XINAN Technology Co., Ltd., and Beijing Certificate Authority Co., Ltd. Adhering to the principle of “resource sharing, strength complementarity, win-win cooperation, and common development, the four parties are committed to building the Internet of Vehicles and digital transportation industry ecology based on Safety.




Through this strategic cooperation, the four parties will go into comprehensive, in-depth, and long-term strategic partnership, give full play to each partys advantages of technical and resource advantages in intelligent traffic management, electronic information authentication, industrial Internet and information security. They will jointly develop overall industry solutions and industry standards, create an integrated security service mode of vehicle, road and Cloud, and work together to build a benchmark for urban smart traffic safety operation. Also, they will explore the typical application scenarios of integration innovation between new-generation information technologies and network security, build trust support from monitoring and early warning to analysis and response, thus forming an integrated combat platform that will cooperate to improve the safety and efficiency of the transportation system.




Previously, it was the successful exploration of multi-party cooperation that “construction and operation project of vehicle-road identity authentication security system of Intelligent Internet of Vehicles” successfully entered the list of Internet of Vehicles identity authentication and security trust pilot projects of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which was jointly declared by Duolun Technology, CEC Internet of Vehicles XINAN Technology Co., Ltd. and some leading enterprises on Internet of Vehicles. It is also the important steps taken by Duolun Technology and ecological enterprises on Internet of Vehicles in actively implementing the concept of innovative development and implementing the innovation-driven development strategy.

In recent years, the Internet of Vehicles and digital transportation industries, as national emerging strategic industries, are accelerating their development and expansion. The four parties will be committed to jointly creating a new ecosystem based on intelligent Internet technology in the future, cultivating new autonomous and controllable intelligent Internet technology, and establishing a global intelligent Internet industrial cluster and industrial ecosystem.




QI-ANXIN Technology Group Inc. is a comprehensive group company focused on providing a new generation of network security products and services for the government and enterprises, and also China's leading enterprise in network security market. Taking "data driven security" as technical thought and endogenous security framework as security framework, the company has established a new generation of collaborative defense system, fully covering big data security analysis, gateway security, terminal security, website security, mobile security, Cloud security, wireless security, data security, security code, and the whole range of security products and solutions.




CEC Internet of Vehicles XINAN Technology Co., Ltd. is invested and established by CEC INDUSTRIAL INTERNET, a China's second-level electronic enterprise, and QI-ANXIN Technology Group Inc., a leading enterprise of network security. Focused on “5G+ Internet of Vehicles+ Safety Field”, the company developed security assessment of Internet of Vehicles, intelligent vehicle security situation awareness products, firmware vulnerability detection platform and service system for Internet of Vehicles.




Founded in 2001, Beijing Certificate Authority Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise controlled by Beijing State-owned Assets Management Holding Co., Ltd., which is a leading provider of network trust and digital security services in China. The company was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2016, known as "the first share of China's electronic certification".

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