A Giant Leap, DoDo Driver APP Docking with Huawei Harmony OS-多伦科技
A Giant Leap, DoDo Driver APP Docking with Huawei Harmony OS

Recently, Huawei has released its Harmony OS 2.0 around the world. Harmony OS, the world's third major mobile phone operating system after Android and IOS, aims to integrate people, equipment, and scenarios to achieve Internet of Everything (IoE) and resource sharing.




After Huawei released Harmony OS, DoDo Driver APP paid great attention. By Leveraging our leading technological advantage in driver training, the Company organized a compatibility test of DoDo Driver APP (Trainee/Institution) with Harmony OS and quickly achieved full compatibility on the mobile phone terminal, meeting the needs of customers adopting Harmony OS.




In order to better adapt the Harmony OS platform, DoDo Driver APP has made several optimizations on the front and back end as listed below:




Based on the distributed processing of Harmony OS, DoDo Driver APP is able to achieve the rapid data exchange between terminals, which improves user's browsing experiences. The distributed device virtualization platform of Harmony OS can integrate different terminals in terms of resource sharing, device management, and data processing and choose the best device for users according to specific business scenarios and tasks.





Through componentized installation, DoDo Driver APP requires fewer hardware resources with improved compatibility. This is consistent with componentization and miniaturization--the architectural design logic of Harmony OS, and supports the deployment of the APP on different terminals as required.




Based on multi-channel and multi-link authentication, DoDo Driver APP can protect the distributed stored data from access violation, thus preventing leakage of user’s privacy data. Harmony’s distributed terminals use distributed identity authentication, trusted environment, and trusted device to ensure that "the right user access the right data through the right device”. DoDo Driver APP will strictly abide by the privacy protection plan of Harmony OS, set local processing as its first choice while minimizing data when cloud processing is needed, to safeguard user’s APP data security. In addition, the necessary privacy protection will be put in place for minor users.



"One as All, All as One." Nowadays, mobile phones, Pads, smart watches, TVs, and vehicles all have their own operating systems, which forms fragmented user experience and complicates connections and operation issues. At the press conference of Harmony OS, there is a saying that "In the era of Internet of Everything, no one can be an island.” This coincides with our proposition of using one consolidated interface. DoDo Driver APP has always been committed to breaking the information isolation between driver training institutions, strengthening business integration and collaboration, and promoting intelligent and efficient training and management. We aim to provide students with one-stop driving test services and help managers, driver training institutions, and coaches achieve efficient training and management on the mobile phone.



 DoDo Driver APP (Trainee/Institution)



 DoDo Driver APP (Trainee)



Portable Driver Training Anytime Anywhere--Special Feature of DoDo Driver APP (Trainee)


In the future, DoDo Driver APP will continue to optimize and upgrade its own products, solutions, and service systems, to ensure their full compatibility with different operating systems to meet user’s core needs for compatibility, reliability, and safety. In addition, through technological innovation, technical prowess, and professional services, we will help more driver training institutions make intelligent transformation and contribute to a favorable industry ecology for the prosperity of intelligent driver training.




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