Support Police by Science and Technology: Duolun Technology’s Digital Police System for Grass-roots Traffic Police Squadrons is Officially Implemented in Nanjing-多伦科技
Support Police by Science and Technology: Duolun Technology’s Digital Police System for Grass-roots Traffic Police Squadrons is Officially Implemented in Nanjing

Introduction: In October 2020, the Traffic Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China issued the Plan for the Development of Science and Technology of Public Security Traffic Management (2021 - 2023), which proposes to “promote the demonstrative construction and application of digital police offices for grass-roots traffic police squadrons”.

To strengthen the digital police force construction of grass-roots public security traffic management and to promote the IT application in the jobs of grass-roots squadrons, the Traffic Police Brigade of Jiangning Public Security Sub-bureau and the Traffic Police Squadron of Nanjing Jiangning Binjiang Economic Development Zone cooperated with Duolun Technology. A digital police system for grass-roots squadrons- “The Practical Traffic Management Platform for Grass-roots Public Security Centering on Intelligence, Command, Service, and Supervision” was developed independently on the basis of “Big Data Application Platform of Traffic Intelligence for Traffic Brigade” In January, 2021.

“The Practical Traffic Management Platform for Grass-roots Public Security with Interconnectivity among Traffic Data, Command, Service, and Supervision” by Duolun Technology puts the daily service of the squadron as its core demand and promotes precise service by traffic data. It focuses on various demands from its area such as congestion relief, supervision and management, video inspection, service management, source supervision of key vehicles and intelligent inspection stations. By doing so, the platform can effectively enhance a series of abilities of grass-roots public security including intelligent perception and warning, rapid disposal, effective management and control, situation research and judgment, service management, management and control of key vehicles.




The Digital Service Room of the Traffic Police Squadron of Nanjing Jiangning Binjiang Economic Development Zone


Intercept Vehicles with Potential Danger Accurately through the Perception and Warning System

The platform can send real-time audible warning to motor vehicles with potential dangers (motor vehicles tracked and detected by the police, without annual inspection, in a scrapped condition, with multiple records of illegal actions and with fake license plates) via the real-time comparison and analysis of Big Data about the motor vehicles in the area. At the same time, the platform can continue to track the trajectory of the motor vehicles receiving an alarm and precisely intercept these motor vehicles by using the surrounding video surveillance and the positioning information from police.




Intervene Traffic Congestion in a Precise and Real-time Way through Road Conditions Perception and Warning System

The platform perceives the real-time traffic conditions in the area by collecting real-time road conditions via the Internet, calculating and analyzing the microscopic data from the detector of a certain traffic network. When a traffic congestion is detected, it can combine the surrounding video surveillance, the real-time status of signal lights and police positioning information to verify the situation of congestion, identify the causes of congestion, and then intervene to relieve the congestion.


Support Grid Management of Service through Innovative Application of Three-chief System

Traffic Police Brigade of Jiangning District has actively promoted the service reform. Based on their responsible area, each Squadron has set up the “Three-chief (Area Chief, Road Chief and Sector Chief) System” in which each chief’s responsibility is clarified via the digital map. This digital map can be used in combination with traffic conditions and electronic fences. A “Three-chief” management system with responsibilities has been built and responsibilities are distributed to specific individuals, which form an innovative service management system based on science and technology.



Establish Clear Grid Responsibility Areas through Mobile Service Application

Each police on duty can grasp the real-time traffic conditions in their responsible areas by downloading the “Traffic Situation” APP in their cell phones. Once an automatic congestion warning occurs, “Three-Chief” police can immediately obtain the surrounding road conditions and the surrounding police distribution, which will bring the police a more convenient and intelligent service management.




Arrange Service Arrangement Precisely through Deep Research & Judgment based on Big Data

The platform can make a comprehensive research and judgment on the data of traffic violations, traffic accidents, traffic flow, online road conditions and police conditions in the area. It also can deeply dig into the time, location, behavior and causes of traffic congestion of high incidence, and automatically produce the monthly report of the service work so as to better guide the monthly police service precisely.




In April 2021, the platform was officially put into use in the digital service room of the Traffic Police Squadron of Nanjing Jiangning Binjiang Economic Development Zone. As a result, the goal of “maximizing the effectiveness of police resources, the efficiency of road management and control, the use of science and technology equipment and information resources, the quality of service as well as publicity” is effectively realized, which can vigorously promote the implementation of digital service for grass-roots squadrons. 

Based on its rich experience in systematic construction and application in the traffic control industry, Duolun Technology has now established a complete solution of a multi-level command and dispatch system, including an integrated application platform centering with interconnectivity among traffic data, command, service, supervision and publicity for the detachment command center and the brigade sub-control center, a panoramic visualization platform for analysis and decision-making based on traffic Big Data, an application platform centering with interconnectivity among traffic data, command, service and supervision for grass-roots squadrons, and a prevention and control platform of public security intelligent inspection station for the law enforcement station. All these platforms have opened up a two-way information exchange channel involving the detachment, brigade, squadron, law enforcement station and individual equipment, and have built a four-level command and dispatch system for the application of digital police force.

In the future, Duolun Technology will further its contribution to R&D and provide better multi-level command and control applications for traffic management of public security through science and technology innovation. By doing so, our company can constantly help to implement the strategy of supporting police by science and technology.

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