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The AI Motorcycle Test Center Completed Duolun Technology Leads Intelligent Driver Test Again

In order to implement the 12 decentralized policies to reform and optimize the business environment made by Traffic Management Department of Public Security and the policy of “National Unified Driving License Application”, Duolun Technology has cooperated with local departments of motor vehicle and traffic police brigade to optimize current resources of the test center, introduce advanced technologies, complete and apply the construction of the test center with intelligent evaluation firstly. It has supported the intelligent evaluation of motorcycle test center and further enhanced the supervision of the driver test for motorcycles.

In October 2019, the intelligent motorcycle test system (1.0) of Duolun Technology made its debut at the “11th China International Road Traffic Security Products Expo”.

In August 2020, under the provisions of Decree 139 of the Ministry of Public Security and relevant national laws and regulations, Duolun Technology independently developed and launched the driver test center systems of the machine vision-based Duolun driver test field for MDS-1000-II (two-wheel motorcycle) and MDS-1000-III (three-wheel motorcycle) and released a promotional video, which caused great repercussions.


From the end of 2020 to early 2021, the “intelligent motorcycle test center” provided by Duolun Technology as a whole-process solution for intelligent motorcycle tests, will firstly be completed, checked and accepted in Shanghai and Zhejiang, serving as their first intelligent test center. These test centers have effectively improved the efficiency and the level of intelligence of the test center.


Hangzhou Shengtong Driver Training School Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Shengtong Driver Training School Co., Ltd. is a pilot test center of Duolun Technology’s intelligent motorcycle test system as well as the first motorcycle test center with intelligent evaluation in Zhejiang Province. The test center covers a total area of about 4,500 square meters. Prepared in May 2020, it was accepted and officially put into use in November 2020.

Duolun Technology provides Hangzhou Shengtong Driver Training School with a comprehensive solution of the whole-process intelligent motorcycle test from the preliminary test center design, construction to the later control center, access control system, in-vehicle evaluation system, the comprehensive solution of the intelligent motorcycle test for Test II and Test III. The test center can accommodate 200 people a day, which greatly improves intelligence and efficiency.


Aerial View of the Test Center


Intelligent Access System


Test II


Dongyang Tianlong Driver Training School Co., Ltd.

Prepared in June 2020, Dongyang Tianlong Driver Training School was put into use in January 2021. It covers 3,900 square meters. Duolun Technology designed the test center, control center, access system and equipped and adjusted the in-vehicle evaluation system as well as the whole-process building of the intelligent motorcycle test for Test II and Test III. With a accommodation of 150 people a day, the test center has witnessed a higher level of intelligence and supervision. In the process of test, human involvement is minimized and the requirements of self-operation by examinees and whole-process supervision are met.


Waiting Room


Areas for Test


Acceptance Testing


Shanghai Yindu Driver Training School Co., Ltd.

Built from December 2020 to January 2021, Shanghai Yindu Driver Training Co., Ltd., officially opened in March. It shows Duolun Technology’s standard and efficient ability to construct test centers and its professional and earnest service.

The test center covers an area of about 3,000 square meters. About 150 people join the driving test here a day after the test center was equipped with the intelligent test devices of Duolun Technology. The test center adopts a mode of isolated intelligent management,with equipment for identifying ID cards and face recognition. Tests are under a whole-process supervision. The intelligent test system together with the audio and video supervision system makes it possible for all tests to be evaluated by computers, effectively enhancing the intelligence and supervision of the test center.


Intelligent Test Center


Field for Test III


A Test Motorcycle with Intelligent Equipment

The intelligent motorcycle test system of Duolun Technology increases the transparency of the test and guarantees the fairness and impartiality of the motorcycle driver test by technologies including information matching of face recognition, capturing of the test process, all-dimensional test center monitoring, automatic evaluation for each test, adopting electronic test scoresheet to record the whole process of the motorcycle driver test.


The intelligence of the driver test ensures the source management of drivers and plays a positive role in preventing traffic accidents. In the future, Duolun Technology will support the implementation of the intelligent evaluation system for motorcycle driver tests in every city to ensure that test evaluation standards are unified and the management of test centers is standardized, which will lay a solid foundation for the implementation of an all-round, extensive and universal supervision system for the driver test.

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