Smart Vehicle Inspection-多伦科技
Smart Vehicle Inspection

1. Big data on Vehicle Inspection

A big data platform for vehicle inspection is built to realize real-time monitoring of national stops data. It can analyze operation indicators and production efficiency, provide an early-warning system for stop risk self-check, and model data on the vehicle type, vehicle age, vehicle condition of each stop, thus offering accurate services to customers and serving as a decision-making basis for competent departments.


2.The traditional motor vehicle inspection stations only log in vehicle information, inspect vehicles and generate reports; J-Blue Tech can provide a digital reconstruction solution for inspection stations, fully empowering station operation:

  • Appointment system: lock onto the vehicles in advance, improve crowding at the inspection stations, and scientifically divert traffic;


  •  Cloud charging system: allow investors to learn about the financial status of inspection stations in real time, and support chain operation management;


  • Cloud video monitoring system: allow inspection station management personnel to learn about the operation of inspection stations in real time, and improve modern management of inspection stations.


 Cloud Management System



Operation Platform

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